PharmAssist device wins IBM IoT Design Challenge, will be demoed at NC RIoT on Jan 20

I am proud to announce that my PharmAssist device won the grand prize at IBM’s Internet of Things Design Challenge on December 12!

The PharmAssist prototype, in all its consumer-unfriendly glory

It’s a 7-day “smart pillbox”, which uses WiFi to report the exact time when each day’s medication has been taken.  It works in conjunction with cloud-based software I wrote that alerts the patient (and/or caregiver) about missed doses by flashing lightbulbs in the house and/or sending text messages.  Full details, and a video of it in action, can be found at .

It’s an idea I came up with specifically for the Design Challenge, so I hadn’t originally intended to productize it… but the response has been quite positive, so I’m in the process of sussing out the market now.  There are a few related products already in the marketplace, or coming soon; I’m noodling over some unique features I might be able to implement that would make it a successful consumer product.

In the meanwhile, I’ll be demonstrating the device again at the NC Regional Internet of Things event in Durham, NC on Tuesday, January 20.  If you like connected gadgets, I encourage you to come see PharmAssist and the other demos that will be presented!