Unveiling ProAxion–come see it on Tuesday!

I am pleased to unveil the product I’ve been working on for the past couple of months: ProAxion!


ProAxion is “a ‘check engine’ light for manufacturing facilities”.  It saves manufacturing plants money by predicting and preventing failures of critical production equipment.  And it’s cheap and easy to install.

As you may know, factories are filled with “rotating equipment”: pumps, compressors, fans, mixers, rollers, etc.  These things wear out, and eventually fail.  And when the failure is a surprise, entire assembly lines can be shut down for weeks while repairs are performed.

The ProAxion system uses low-cost, wireless, battery-powered sensors to monitor vibration on motor housings.  This vibration data is transmitted instantaneously to the cloud, where our software analyzes patterns in that data over time.  When our software detects anomalies that indicate a coming failure, it alerts factory managers so they can prepare–ordering parts, arranging for repair personnel, etc.

Fewer unplanned equipment failures = less revenue loss due to downtime = a more competitive manufacturing business.

We’ll be demonstrating this system for the first time on Tuesday, September 15 in downtown Raleigh at the following events:

  • CED Tech Venture Conference
    Raleigh Convention Center, 9am – 6pm
    registration is $250 and up (but call me if you’d like to come, and I might be able to make arrangements)
  • NC RIoT Demo Night
    Raleigh Convention Center, 6pm – 8pm
    free if you register in advance!

I hope you’ll come see it–we’re excited to have our “coming out party” this Tuesday!



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