The fight for your life at CES

In addition to all the home automation systems I saw battling it out at CES last week, there were the home health monitoring systems.  They generally use the same communications layer as the home automation systems (some combination of WiFi, Bluetooth, ZigBee, and/or Z-Wave).  The differences seem to be:

  • a focus on monitoring (sleep patterns, heart rate, etc.) rather than actions
  • supposedly a higher bar in terms of information security

Here are the home health systems I saw at CES:

  • Honeywell Seymour (not to be confused with the Honeywell Lyric system for home automation!)
  • OnKöl (Their angle: made to be completely remotely administered by caregivers, rather than Granny; just ship it to Granny’s house and you can set it up remotely.  Also uses cell networks for its cloud connection, rather than assuming high-speed internet.)
  • Qualcomm 2net

It seems odd to need a completely parallel infrastructure to deliver packets to/from these wireless devices, separate from the one used for home automation… but it may be that HIPAA privacy rules (and the like) mandate this.


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