Biometric Monitoring at CES

One of the big themes at CES last week was definitely “wearable technology”, or more specifically, biometric monitoring devices.

They ranged from the mass-market type devices (Fitbit and the like) to specific solutions for athletes or people with specific medical conditions.

Here are the companies I saw at CES that were hawking Fitbit-style fitness and sleep trackers for the general public:

These companies displayed more specialized/niche products:

  • AmpStrip: a patch for 24/7 heart monitoring
  • Beddit sleep monitor by Misfit (attached to the bed, not the person)
  • hugOne: “the first family sleep monitor”
  • iChoice: the standard wristwatch, but also blood pressure monitors, pulse oximeters, etc.
  • iHealth: wearables, but also a glucometer, pulse oximeter, scale, etc.
  • Omron: wide range of devices
  • Sleepace: direct-from-China sleep monitoring device
  • Valencell Performtek: licenses technology to monitor “heart rate, respiration rate, and other blood flow parameters”
  • Vancive Metria: a continuous-wear digital health monitoring “patch”
  • VigiPen: insulin injection and glucose level tracker
  • Withings: a wide range of devices, well-designed and well-marketed

And then there was this one:

  • Zensorium Being: “The only wearable that continuously tracks your mood, heart rate, activity and provides advanced sleep science insights.”  The person at the booth said that it tracks mood based on heart rate.  I wonder if it can detect skepticism?

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